Nijyu-maru Project (Double 20 campaign)

The participatory mechanism which enables all stakeholders take actions and monitoring for fulfilling Aichi Biodiversity targets. 

What’s mean Nijyu-maru

 “Nijyu” means 20 or double, and “maru” means circle in Japanese. In Japan, the circle is the symbol of harmony, life, good and perfect. So Nijyu-maru implies making good achievement in 2020, good achievement in 20 Aichi targets, and achieving the living in harmony with nature.


Brief Introduction

 The Double 20 Campaign (Nijyu-maru Project) is a Japanese network of active members working together toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Each member commits to specific efforts to contribute each of the 20 Aichi targets by 2020. It is hosted by the Japan Committee for IUCN – raises awareness of the importance of the Aichi Targets, facilitates and visualizes actions, and assesses progress towards 2020. The member uses campaign logo and 20 icons through their activities as the proof of commitment. The Double 20 Campaign (Nijyu-maru Project) started on October 8th 2011, just one year after the convening CBD-COP/MOP5 in Japan.

Japan has 59 organizations and 101 actions for Aichi targets. As of September 21, 2012


The targets which nobody knows never fulfill.

Many benefits from this project’s scheme

  •     Increasing the awareness of Aichi targets and commitments.
  •     Visualizing the actions and inactions for each of Aichi Targets
  •     Translating Targets into various conservation actions on the ground.
  •     Stimulating many stakeholders for provoking additional actions


The way to join the Nijyu-maru member.

For further information, please contact from here.